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Alteration Services from Warwicks Menswear Northamptonshire

Alteration Services

Our qualified seamstresses are available to alter any item purchased from Warwicks. Mens suits, jackets and trousers can be expertly altered to fit.

The leg length of trousers and the length of a cuff on a jacket can be adjusted to your measurements, also when purchasing a shirt we can offer a sleeve shortening service.

This is in conjunction with our Wedding Hire Service.

Special extended hire rates

We offer special hire rates for longer periods, if required for cruises or wedding abroad.
Details available on request.

Booking details

Identification and payment is required on confirmation of booking.
Suits booked for wearing on Saturdays may be collected after 2pm on the Thursday before. They must be returned by 12.00 noon on the following Monday (except bank holidays) or an additional charge will be made.

Store Opening Times

Our stores are located in Wellingborough and we're open Monday - Saturday 10am - 4pm.



33 - 39 High Street, Wellingborough
Northants NN8 4HW
Tel: 01933 224981